Jossey-Josey and Family Related


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A B Josey Obit 5 Aug 2014.htm

Addie B Cranford Jossey Obit 13 Apr 1998.htm

Addie Lee Josey 8 Mar 2002 Obit.htm

Adelia Blondell Josey Dorris Obit 23 Mar 2017.htm

Aden Nolin Josey Obit 4 Dec 2011.htm

Agnes Marion Josey Edmunds Obit 23 Dec 2005.htm

Agnes Eva Mears Josey Obit 11 Sep 2005.htm

Agnes Lucille Inglett Josey Obit 28 Feb 2011.htm

Albert Edward Josey Obit 16 Aug 1997.htm

Albert Jackson Obit 15 Mar 1966.htm

Agnes Lucille Inglett Josey Obit 28 Feb 2011.htm

Albert Josey Obit 25 Aug 2010.htm

Alda Louise Mansker Griffin Josey Obit 14 Mar 2009.htm

Alden Dwayne Josey Obit 4 Feb 2022.htm

Alean C Josey Sansbury Obit 26 Sep 1995.htm

Alfred Terry Josey Obit 14 Jul 2004.htm

Alice Anne McLendon Josey Obit 1 Jun 2019.htm

Alice Borden Nelson Josey Obit 29 Jan 2011.htm

Alice Josey Obit 8 May 2009.htm

Alice Lavern Josey Newberry Obit 11 Jul 2018.htm

Alice Marjean Carroll Josey Obit 18 May 2024.htm

Allen Douglas Josey Obit 7 Dec 2018.htm

Allen Lacy Josey Obit 14 May 1950.htm

Allen R Josey Obit 28 Jan 2013.htm

Allerid Park Josey Obit 27 Dec 2005.htm

Allyson Brawley Josey Obit 1 Sep 2021.htm

Alma Ruth Josey Harrell Obit 5 Nov 11.htm

Alton Josey Watts Obit 1 Aug 2021.htm

Alva Amelia McDaniel Josey Obit 27 Jan 1952.htm

Alva Lee Josey Wright Obit 14 May 2011.htm

Alvin Leon Josey Obit 14 May 2015.htm

Alvin Wayne Josey Obit 29 Dec 2016.htm

Alvin Willis Josey Obit 31 Aug 2022.htm

Alyce Josey Beal Obit 6 Nov 2001.htm

Amanda Kay Josey Artcher Obit 25 Jun 2011.htm

Amelia Louise Hattaway Harvell Josey Obit 5 Mar 2018.htm

Amelia R Mayer Josey Obit 25 Mar 1987.htm

Amir Andre Josey Obit 26 Sep 2010.htm

Amy Grace Josey Varco Obit 28 Sep 2014.htm

Amy May Lee Guthrie 16 Sep 1910.htm

Amy Sasser Josey Obit 23 Dec 2010.htm

Andrew Jackson Josey Obit 16 Mar 1995.htm

Ann B Josey Wilkins Obit 8 Jul 2011.htm

Ann Josey Gaines Obit 6 May 2008.htm

Anne Elizabeth Earle Josey Obit 13 Jun 2020.htm

Anne Fulton Josey Obit 26 Nov 2008.htm

Annie Armstrong Hammond Josey Obit, 1 Feb 2008.htm

Annie Brett Josey Obit 11 Dec 2010.htm

Annie Kitchin Josey Egleston Obit 8 Dec 2016.htm

Annie Ruth Fulford Josey Obit 21 May 2020.htm

Annie Virginia Josey Obit 22 Aug 2007.htm

Anthony Earl Josey Obit 20 Feb 2004.htm

Artegia Josey Obit 7 Nov 2006.htm

Arthur Carrol Josey Obit 2 Dec 2018.htm

Artra Lee Josey Obit 13 Nov 2004.htm

Atha Josey Jones Obit 17 Jan 1998.htm

Austin Levi Josey Obit 10 May 1991.htm

Australia Davis Josey Obit 31 Oct 2006.htm

Autumn Moore Josey Obit 1 May 2019.htm

Barbara Ann Josey Gibson Obit 8 Oct 2017.htm

Barbara Etta Claborn Josey Obit 1 May 2022.htm

Barbara Graham Josey Obit 2 Mar 2006.htm

Barbara Jean Harris Obit 13 April 2020.htm

Barbara Nell Josey Comer Obit 30 Oct 2020.htm

Barbara Sue Josey Turner Obit 23 Jul 2019.htm

Ben Eberhart Josey Obti 6 Mar 2023.htm

Benjamin Franklin Jossey Obit 27 Aug 1901.htm

Benjamin Josey Obit 27 Dec 2008.htm

Benjamin Lee Franklin Josey Obit 23 Feb 2019.htm

Bernard Josey Obit 6 Nov 2013.htm

Bernice Dorine Luedtke Josey Obit 6 Feb 2016.htm

Bernice Dorine Luedtke Josey Obit 6 Feb 2016.htm

Bernice Eleanor Safrit Josey Obit 20 May 2017.htm

Bernice Eleanor Safrit Josey Obit 20 May 2017.htm

Bernice Frances Matiasz Obit 21 Oct 2022.htm

Bernice Josey Obit 26 Apr 2014.htm

Bernice Marlene Kellogg Josey Obit, 24 Dec 2017.htm

Bert Alexander Josey Obit 13 Jan 1998.htm

Bertha Ruth Fischer Josey Obit 13 Dec 2014.htm

Bertha Viola Josey Jenkins Obit 1 Aug 2014.htm

Bessie Emaline Bass Josey Obit 31 Aug 1961.htm

Bessie Lee Josey Obit 29 Aug 2007.htm

Bessie Lou Josey Glover Obit 9 Oct 2007.htm

Bessy Mason Josey Obit 10 Nov 2018.htm

Betty Ann Josey Moore Obit 20 Dec 2015.htm

Betty Deloris Josey Sifford Obit 2 Nov 2014.htm

Betty Emerick Josey Obit 30 Aug 2011.htm

Betty Jane Brown Josey Obit 20 Dec 2013.htm

Betty Jean Lowe Josey Obit 10 Jan 2003.htm

Betty Jo Charles Josey Obit, 4 Feb 2010.htm

Betty Josey Parker Obit 30 Jan 2010.htm

Betty Smith Josey Obit 3 May 2023.htm

Betty Sue Mckenzie Josey Hyde Obit 25 Jul 2018.htm

Betty Thomas Jordan Josey Obit 1 May 2015.htm

Betty Virginia Orth Josey Obit 22 Jun 2013.htm

Beulah Mae Garcia Josey Obit 18 Jun 2012.htm

Billie Craige Kluttz Josey Obit 11 Dec 2021.htm

Billie Jean Josey Beck Obit 22 Nov 2019.htm

Billy Joe Josey Obit 30 Nov 1992.htm

Billy Leonard Josey Obit 9 Nov 2022.htm

Billy Ray Josey Obit 23 Jun 2005.htm

Blanche Elizabeth Smith Josey Obit 11 Jan 2001.htm

Blanche Nelms Josey Obit 21 Aug 1975.htm

Bobby Densil Josey Obit 5 Jan 2022.htm

Bobby Gene Josey Obit 12 Aug 2008.htm

Bobby George Lawson Josey Obit 20 Jun 2019.htm

Bobby Hayes Josey Obit 7 Jun 1998.htm

Bobby Jean Chandler Josey Obit 5 Feb 2015.htm

Bobby Oneal Josey Obit 31 Jul 2015.htm

Bonita Josey Cochran Obit 18 Dec 2017.htm

Bonnie Lea Stevenson Josey Obit 21 Aug 2019.htm

Brenda Morehead Josey Obit 25 Feb 2016.htm

Brenda Sanders Josey Obit 4 Aug 2022.htm

Brian Keith Josey Obit, 29 Dec 2006.htm

Bruce Earle Josey Obit 2 Sep 2023.htm

Callie Elizabeth Josey King Obit 25 Jun 2015.htm

Carol Josey Overcash Obit 14 Dec 2011.htm

Calvin Josey Obit 27 Oct 2004.htm

Carl Bradley Josey Obit 13 Nov 2013.htm

Carl Edward Josey Jr Obit 16 Dec 2011.htm

Carl Edward Josey Obit 30 Sep 1999.htm

Caroline Demuth Ervin Josey Obit 7 May 2007.htm

Carolym Maxine Willis Josey Obit 10 Dec 2013.htm

Carolyn Boineau Josey Benton Obit 3 Jun 2016.htm

Carolyn Byrd Josey Whiteley Obit 7 Sep 2014.htm

Carolyn Marie Helton Josey Obit 26 Mar 2023.htm

Carolyn Mildred Russell Josey Obit 30 Aug 2023.htm

Carroll Willis Josey Jr Obit 21 Feb 2015.htm

Catherine A Josey Obit 11 Jul 2005.htm

Catherine Argenia Josey Muliford Obit 16 Feb 2003.htm

Chandra Denice Josey Waters Obit 12 Mar 2020.htm

Charles Berry Josey Obit 4 Sep 1924.htm

Charles Carey Josey Obit 28 Feb 2003.htm

Charles Inman Josey Obit 18 Nov 1983.htm

Charles K Josey Gender Obit 31 Dec 2001.htm

Charles Lafayette Josey Obit 1 May 1964.htm

Charles William Josey Obit 20 Sep 1993.htm

Charles Wofford Josey Jr Obit 4 Nov 1998.htm

Charlie Josey Obit 14 Jul 2007.htm

Charlie Will Josey Hembree Obit 16 Jul 2011.htm

Cheryl Jossey Parmer Obit 11 Oct 2010.htm

Christine Elizabeth Earnest Josey Obit 30 Mar 2014.htm

Christine Marcella Josey Dean Obit 8 Jan 2024.htm

Clara Jean Pollock Josey Obit 11 Nov 2012.htm

Clara Ruth Josey Obit 3 Apr 2004.htm

Claude James Josey Jr Obit 7 Mar 2011.htm

Claude Kitchen Josey Obit 7 May 1991.htm

Claude S Josey Obit 24 Apr 2008.htm

Cleo Killian Josey Goble Obit 8 Dec 2003.htm

Clifford C Josey III, Obit 28 Feb 2011.htm

Clifford Paul Josey Obit 31 May 2008.htm

Clint Sylvester Josey Jr Obit 30 Apr 2010.htm

Clyde Andrew Josey Obit 13 Oct 2010.htm

Clyde Oren Josey Jr Obit 22 Nov 1995.htm

Coit Josey Obit 13 Aug 2008.htm

Connie Josey Obit, 30 Sep 2007.htm

Curtis Allen Josey Gender Obit 21 May 2001.htm

Curtis F Josey Obit 25 Feb 2006.htm

Curtis Vern Josey Obit 9 Apr 2020.htm

Daisy Harris McGrath Josey Obit 10 Sep 2008.htm

Dance Josey Obit 25 Feb 2004.htm

Danford Edmondson Josey Jr Obit 26 Apr 2013.htm

Danny Lee Josey Obit 15 May 2024.htm

Danny Lee Josey Obit 29 Jun 2015.htm

Darcus Deaton Josey Obit 13 Apr 2009.htm

Deborah Anne Towell Josey Smith Obit 2 Dec 2011.htm

Deborah Gallagher Josey Obit 5 Jun 2022.htm

Debra Ann Josey Luke Obit.htm

Debra Ann Josey Luke Obit 21 Dec 2003.htm

Debra Marlene Josey Obit 19 Oct 1996.htm

Della Josey Sweeten Moomey Obit 17 Apr 2014.htm

Dellia May Josey Beacham Obit 12 Feb 1931.htm

Deloris Josey Hamilton Obit 26 Jun 2020.htm

Deloris Pye Josey Obit 28 August 2017.htm

Delorise Richardson Josey Obit 20 May 2016.htm

Dendy Kyle Josey Obit 9 Jan 2000.htm

Dianna Riffert Josey Obit 31 Mar 2004.htm

Dominick Wayne Josey Obit 27 Mar 2008.htm

Don Carlton Josey Obit 14 Feb 2015.htm

Donald Ray Josey Obit 29 Feb 1996.htm

Donald Richter Prinz Obit 25 May 2012.htm

Donna Lynn Josey Obit 1 Dec 2023.htm

Dontonio L Josey Obit 6 Jun 2003.htm

Doretha Josey Oden Obit 24 Jan 2013.htm

Doriel Christopher Josey Obit 24 Sep 2004.htm

Doris Gaetz Josey, 26 May 2023.htm

Doris Hadden Josey Obit 8 Oct 2005.htm

Doris Marie Josey Blakes Obit 8 Jun 2020.htm

Dorothy Burridge Jackson Obit 11 Jul 2014.htm

Dorothy Elizabeth Holton Josey Obit, 19 Mar 2019.htm

Dorothy June Josey Obit 21 May 2012.htm

Dorothy Lee Josey Cannon Obit 3 Sep 2017.htm

Dorothy Lou Jones Josey Obit 25 May 2020.htm

Dorothy Louise Josey Owen Obit 21 Dec 2016.htm

Dorothy May Leslie Josey Obit 27 May 2022.htm

Dorothy Sadler Josey Obit 18 Mar 2007.htm

Dorothy Virginia Adams Josey Obit 12 Dec 2002.htm

Dorrace Jean Stanley Josey Obit 25 Jul 2013.htm

Douglas Clarence Josey Obit 17 Sep 2013.htm

Doy Lynn Josey Obit 20 Jan 2015.htm

Doyle Edward Josey Obit 4 Nov 2009.htm

Dudley Culp Obit 11 Mar 2001.htm

Dwayne Allen Josey Obit 22 Aug 2006.htm

Earl Andrew Josey Obit 13 Sep 2006.htm

Earl Josey 20 Oct 2002 Obit.htm

Earle Mott Josey Obit 30 Jul 2018.htm

Easher Mae Kelly Josey Obit 15 Feb 2015.htm

Eddie Bayne Josey Sr Obit, 13 Mar 2019.htm

Edith Floride Josey Obit 13 Oct 2006.htm

Edith J Josey Obit 24 Apr 2004.htm

Edith Marie Norrell JOSEY Obit 15 Apr 2004.htm

Edith Norell Humphrey Josey Obit 15 Apr 2004.htm

Edna Arwood Josey Obit 4 Mar 2008.htm

Edward Alexander Josey Obit 6 Aug 2023.htm

Edward Bruce Josey Obit 7 May 2013.htm

Edward Josey Obit 31 Dec 2000.htm

Edwin Gould Josey Obit 2 Nov 2008.htm

Elaine V Lucier Josey Obit 9 Aug 2019.htm

Eleanor Crawford Josey Obit 28 Feb 2018.htm

Eleanor Faye Josey Burt Obit 17 Dec 2009.htm

Elizabeth Ann Berry Josey Obit 27 Jan 2023.htm

Elizabeth Ann Josey Watson Obit 23 Jan 2007.htm

Elizabeth Betty Josey Smith Obit, 25 Mar 1999.htm

Elizabeth C Josey Pollard, D.O. Elijah 14 Sep 1888.htm

Elizabeth Josey Myers Obit 15 Nov 2010.htm

Elizabeth Josey Pollard Obit 14 Sep 1888.htm

Elizabeth LaVerne Josey Obit 8 Jun 2022.htm

Elizabeth Lee Hamilton Josey Robinson Obit 16 Dec 2004.htm

Elizabeth Louise Wenetschlager Johnson Josey Obit 19 Jan 1998.htm

Elizabeth M Carter Josey Obit 4 Oct 2015.htm

Elizabeth Reynolds Josey Obit 13 Jul 2018.htm

Elizabeth Spencer Josey Obit 29 Nov 2014.htm

Ellen Zigler Waltman Josey Obit 12 Feb 1998.htm

Elnora Frances Whitehouse Josey Obit 2 Aug 1995.htm

Elonnie Junius Josey Obit 3 Jul.htm

Elsie Anna Ritchie Josey Obit 14 Jun 2017.htm

Elsie Dale Josey Wright Obit 28 Feb 2014.htm

Elsie Josey Bullard Himes Obit 28 Jan 1998.htm

Elsie Josey Obituary 2 Oct 2005.htm

Elva Christine Jossey Obit 16 Oct 2012.htm

Elva May Halsted Josey Obit 14 Nov 2014.htm

Elva Marie Johnson Josey Obit 23 Feb 2013.htm

Emily Brown Josey Obit 11 Aug 2005.htm

Emily Josey Bostick Head Obit 29 Aug 2019.htm

Emory Roscoe Josey Obit 22 May 2015.htm

Emory Winston Josey Jr Obit 23 Jun 1995.htm

English Rutherford Josey Jr Obit 27 Jun 2020.htm

Eric Alan Josey Obit 17 Sep 2021.htm

Ernest Earl Josey Obit 24 Jul 2007.htm

Ernest Freeman Josey Obit 14 Feb 1997.htm

Ernest Lee Josey Obit 18 Jun 2015.htm

Ervin J Josey Obit 1 Aug 1999.htm

Ervin Mason Josey Obit 1 May 2022.htm

Essie Bell Drew Josey Obit 18 Jun 2023.htm

Essie Inez Josey Barnett Obit 16 Sep 2010.htm

Essie Mae Josey Obit, 12 Feb 2008.htm

Essie Mae Sheppard Josey Obit 6 Aug 1995.htm

Essie Myrtle Griffin Josey Obit 20 Feb 2010.htm

Esther Lois Josey Caldwell Obit 2 Jan 2006.htm

Esther Maye Newman McClary Obit 10 May 2020.htm

Ethel Correll Josey Combs Obit 23 Nov 2021.htm

Ethel Faye Alley Josey Obit 14 Oct 2002.htm

Ethel Mae Swinney Josey Molley Killion Obit 29 Aug 1999.htm

Ethelbert Josey Obit 27 Jul 2008.htm

Eugene Josey Obit 13 Feb 2011.htm

Eugene David Josey Obit 31 Dec 2006.htm

Eugene Hunter Josey Obit 13 Jul 2022.htm

Eugene Randolph Hyde Obit 6 Oct 1995.htm

Eva Jeanette Josey Brice Obit 31 Dec 2013.htm

Eva Lorena Josey Johnson Obit 21 Oct 2004.htm

Eva Mae Josey Obit 31 Aug 2004.htm

Eva Nell Josey Cadenhead Obit 11 Apr 2006.htm

Evander Theophilus Josey Obit 7 Mar 1925.htm

Evander Josey Obit 7 Mar 1925.gif

Evangeline Josey Brocato Obit 22 May 2012.htm

Evelyn Gaynell Josey Whitney Obit 6 Dec 2023.htm

Evelyn Josey Jolly Obit 3 Apr 2019.htm

Evelyn Josey Smith Obit 15 Jul 2011.htm

Evelyn Louise Josey Johnson Smith Obit 22 Jun 2020.htm

Everett Elijah Josey Obit 19 Aug 2000.htm

Eyvonne Curry Josey Obit 12 Dec 2015.htm

Finis Harrell Josey Obit 13 Oct 2010.htm

Floyd Anderson Josey Obit 4 Apr 2012.htm

Flynt Josey Obit 28 Feb 2011.htm

Fletcher Lee Josey Obit 19 Dec 2007.htm

Flossie Josey Obit 14 Apr 2006.htm

Foster Ray Josey Obit 28 Feb 2024.htm

Foster W Josey Obit 15 Feb 2005.htm

Frances Gibson Josey Obit 23 May 2005.htm

Frances Kelley Josey Obit 29 May 2016.htm

Frances Long Josey Obit 9 Oct 2005.htm

Frances Pennington Josey Obit 19 Sep 2011.htm

Frank Clark Josey Jr Obit 3 Sep 2015.htm

Frank Ray Haynes Obit 3 Apr 2013.htm

Fred Calfee Josey Obit 22 Oct 2009.htm

Fred Homer Josey Obit 24 Jan 2023.htm

Freddie Lee Josey obit, 7 Sep 2010.htm

Frederica Kirkland Josey Obit 7 Jun 2014.htm

Gary Andrew Josey Obit May 2009.htm

Gary Ferrell Josey Obit 21 Oct 2008.htm

Gary Josey Obit 6 Mar 2021.htm

Geneva Weathersby Josey Obit 4 Aug 2016.htm

George Cleveland Josey Obit 10 Nov 2007.htm

George Michael Knight Obit 12 Jun 2019.htm

George Robert Josey Obit 11 Jan 2015.htm

Georgia Lewis Josey Obit 31 Dec 2010.htm

Georgia Ray O'Hara Josey Obit 21 May 1999.htm

Gerald J Josey Obit 14 Aug 2008.htm

Gerald Josey Obit 7 Oct 2017.htm

Gerald Thomas Josey Obit 27 Oct 2013.htm

Geraldine Faye Knickle Josey Obit 15 Jan 2023.htm

Gerardo Brindisi Obit 20 Feb 2012.htm

Gertie Louella Josey Caldwell Obit 6 Feb 2009.htm

Gertrude Brunet Josey Obit 22 Sep 2017.htm

Gladys Irene Smith Josey Obit 29 Jul 2005.htm

Gladys Louise Josey Harrison Obit 5 May 2001.htm

Gladys Sharpe Josey Obit 25 Feb 2015.htm

Glen Earl Josey Obit 24 May 2017.htm

Glenn Edward Josey Obit 13 Feb 1995.htm

Glenn R Josey Obit 28 Mar 2008.htm

Glenn Richard Josey Sr Obit 9 Oct 2021.htm

Gloria Ann Greenway Josey Obit 29 Apr 2023.htm

Gloria Ann Josey Tryovich Obit 30 Mar 2009.htm

Gloria Jean Brunson Pipkin 28 Jun 1943.htm

Goldie Irene Josey Hatcher Obit 22 Jan 1996.htm

Grace Beveridge Jackcon Obit Pinellas Co, FL.htm

Grad Joel Josey Obit 20 Oct 2012.htm

Grant Boucher McCann Josey Obit 4 Nov 2014.htm

Gregg Chandler Josey Obit July 29 2023.htm

Gwendolyn Jean Harrop Josey Obit 2 Sep 2020.htm

Gwinn Elizabeth Josey Obit 19 Jul 2018.htm

Hansen Jerald Josey Obit 6 Jan 2011.htm

Hanson Delmer Josey Obit 7 Jan 2021.htm

Harold Clay Josey Obit 27 Apr 2013.htm

Harold Franklin Josey Obit 28 Dec 2018.htm

Harold Hayden Lundy Obit 16 Feb 2015.htm

Harold Lloyd Josey Obit 10 May 2014.htm

Harris Bennett Josey Obit 22 Jan 2006.htm

Hassel Lee Barnett Josey 5 Sep 2018.htm

Hazel Ann Gantt Josey Obit, 3 Jan 2020.htm

Hazel Evelyn Craddock Josey Obit 4 Jan 2008.htm

Hazel Jean Warren Josey Obit 5 Dec 2016.htm

Hazel Josey Williams Obit 10 May 2007.htm

Hazel M Josey Ramsey Obit 4 Nov 2010.htm

Hazel Sallie Josey Goode Obit 15 Jan 2006.htm

Helen Eudell Polley Josey Brown Obit 28 Sep 2011.htm

Helen Josephine Josey Jones Obit 31 Mar 2017.htm

Helen Josey Douglas Obit 26 Dec 2004.htm

Helen Josey McDonald Obit 11 Jul 2014.htm

Helen Josey Waldhour Obit 14 May 1993.htm

Helen Marguerite Lawder Josey Obit 21 Dec 2006.htm

Helen West Josey Obit 6 Jan 2009.htm

Henry Albert Josey Obit 20 May 1995.htm

Henry Josey Sr Obit Jan 2007.htm

Henry Wilson Josey Obit 16 Mar 2013.htm

Henry Zepho Josey Obit 6 Apr 1995.htm

Herbert Addison Josey Obit 30 Aug 1994.htm

Herbert Allen Josey Jr Obit 15 Dec 2012.htm

Herman Alford Obit 29 Apr 2004.htm

Herman Oscar Josey Jr Obit 8 Dec 2009.htm

Hertha Josey Obit 9 Jul 2007.htm

Hilda Jeanette Josey Sloan Obi 27 Oct 2023.htm

Hilda Maria De La Cruz Josey Obit 10 Jun 2021.htm

Hiram Thomas Josey Obit 12 Apr 1976.htm

Holmes Phyllis Annell Josey Obit 12 Jan 2021.htm

Homer Clay Josey Obit 27 Jun 2000.htm

Howard Francis Josey Obit 14 Mar 2015.htm

Howard Houston Josey Obit 23 Feb 2010.htm

Hubert Laurie Josey Jr Obit, 27 Apr 2020.htm

Hugh Forest Josey Obit 24 Sep 2000.htm

Hugo Wilson Josey Obit 12 Apr 2006.htm

Ida Mae Josey Jacobs Obit 1 Dec 2009.htm

Ila Edna Josey Reed Obit 15 Jul 2021.htm

Imelda Louise Watson Josey Obit 3 Oct 2013.htm

Inez Elkin Barton Josey Obit 7 Dec 2000.htm

Inez Olivia Josey Obit 15 Jan 2011.htm

Irene Johnson Josey Obit 17 Sep 2013.htm

Irene Josey Funderburk Obit 4 Jun 2013.htm

Isabelle Weihinmachter Prinz Obit.htm

J C Josey Obit 25 Sep 2013.htm

Jack Emory Josey Obit 25 Aug 2018.htm

Jack Lynn Josey Obit 18 Oct 2020.htm

Jack Smyth Josey Obit 27 Feb 2003.htm

Jack Wendell Josey Obit 13 Oct 2010.htm

Jackie Lee Josey Obit 30 Jan 2012.htm

Jackie Marcella Josey Wongrey Obit 26 Jul 2004.htm

Jacob Esau Josey Obit 2 Jul 2002.htm

Jacob Sinkler Josey Obit 24 Jul 2015.htm

Jacqueline Ann Josey Helfrich Obit 29 Jan 2023.htm

Jacqueline Thames Baker Obit 23 Dec 2011.htm

Jake W Josey Obit 1 Jun 2008.htm

James Albert Josey Sr Obit 13 Jan 2013.htm

James Bradley Josey Obit 8 Jun 2018.htm

James Bradley Josey Jr Obit 6 Dec 20061.htm

James C Josey Obit 1 Feb 2013.htm

James Carlyle Josey Obit 7 Jul 1990.htm

James Daniel Josey Jr Obit 10 Jan 2011.htm

James Edward Josey Obit 17 Jul 1996.htm

James Edward Josey Obit 19 Mar 2011.htm

James Edward Josey Obit 27 Nov 2018.htm

James Ellis Josey Obit 1 Dec 2017.htm

James Everett Josey Jr Obit 28 Mar 2001.htm

James H Josey Obit 24 Aug 2012.htm

James Jackson Josey Sr Obit 4 Mar 2008.htm

James Josey Obit 16 Jun 2004.htm

James Josey Temple Obit 6 Mar 2010.htm

James Larry Josey Obit 14 Jan 2022.htm

James Lester Josey Sr, 3 Jul 2021.htm

James Lewis Josey Obit 17 Jan 2009.htm

James Lewis Josey Obit 13 Nov 2017.htm

James Madison Josey Jr Obit 24 Apr 2001.htm

James McDonald Jossey Obit 4 Nov 2009.htm

James Otis Josey Obit 15 Sep 2013.htm

James Patrick Josey Obit 10 Dec 2020.htm

James R Josey Obit 5 Sep 2009.htm

James Robert Josey Obit 5 Nov 2020.htm

James Roland Josey Obit 1 Jul 2005.htm

James Roy Proctor Obit 3 Dec 2011.htm

James Russell Josey Obit 28 Jan 2000.htm

James Thomas Josey Obit 13 May 2018.htm

Jan Gentry Obit 7 Mar 1999.htm

Janeen Curl Josey Obit 22 Mar 2013.htm

Janet Josey Williams Maddox Obit 24 Mar 2020.htm

Janet Sue Turner Josey Obit 16 May 2024.htm

Jean E Josey Obit 25 May 2013.htm

Jean Josey Obit 28 Oct 2013.htm

Jeanette Warren Josey Obit 2 Aug 2014.htm

Jeannelle Josey Owens Obit 25 Dec 2014.htm

Jeannette Victoria Connell Josey Obit 17 Aug 2020.htm

Jeffery Michael Josey Obit 1 Feb 2003.htm

Jeffrey Brian Josey Obit 25 Mar 2021.htm

Jennifer Lee Josey Obit 10 May 2011.htm

Jerolene Spear Josey Obit 20 Aug 2018.htm

Jerry Eugene Josey Obit 5 Mar 1993.htm

Jerry Everett Josey Obit 1 Dec 2017.htm

Jerry Kenneth Josey Obit 10 Oct 2014.htm

Jerry Onvell Josey Obit 15 Feb 2007.htm

Jesse Edmund Josey Obit 29 Sep 2018.htm

Jesse Max Josey Obit 16 May 2006.htm

Jessie Elizabeth Josey Obit 16 Nov 2007.htm

Jessie Lamar Josey Obit 5 Sep 2022.htm

Jill Suzanne McNeff Josey Obit 19 Apr 2024.htm

Jimmy Allen Josey Obit 1 Apr 2022.htm

Jimmy Charles Josey Obit 6 Mar 2008.htm

Jimmy Milton Josey Obit 25 Jul 2021.htm

Joan Tucker Josey Obit 14 Mar 2008.htm

Joe Herman Josey Obit 23 Jul 2012.htm

Joe Josey Jr Obit 7 Mar 2005.htm

Joe Lewis Josey Obit 13 Dec 2012.htm

John Alan Josey Obit 23 Dec 2010.htm

John Allen Josey Obit, 1 Mar 2011.htm

John B Jackson Obit, 4 Sep 2013.htm

John Calvin Josey Obit 6 Sep 2001.htm

John Clifton Jr Jossey Obit 6 Nov 2018.htm

John Clinton Josey Obit 19 Sep 2009.htm

John Dudley Josey Obit 10 Feb 2007.htm

John Franklin Josey Obit 17 Jul 1997.htm

John Howard Josey Obit 9 Dec 2017.htm

John L Josey Obit 22 Jul 2010.htm

John Michael Knight Obit 22 Dec 2021.htm

John Paul Josey Obit 24 Dec 1988.htm

John Sherwin Josey Obit 19 Sep 2001.htm

John Speir Josey Obit 21 May 2014.htm

Johnnie Katheryn Josey Landreth Teague Murphy Obit 29 Aug 2007.htm

Johnny B Josey Jr Obit 17 Feb 2005.htm

Johnsie Hoyd Josey Obit 20 Jan 2012.htm

Joseph David Josey Obit 22 Aug 2006.htm

Josephine Josey Jones Obit 31 May 2017.htm

Joyce Faye Ellis Josey Obit 3 Dec 2004.htm

Joyce Jamae Josey Obit 4 Dec 2003.htm

Joyce Mae Josey Etterlee Obit 2 Oct 1998.htm

Joyce Sharon Norris Josey Obit 17 Jan 2022.htm

Joyce Taylor-Ramsey Josey Obit 28 Apr 2012.htm

Juanita E Josey Obit 15 Oct 2004.htm

Juanita Regan Bowan Josey Obit 9 May 2007.htm

Judy Evelyn Josey Bray Obit 12 Apr 2020.htm

Julia Mae Josey Obit 13 Oct 2022.htm

Junious R Jr Obit 23 Sep 2005.htm

Juanita Regan Bowan Josey Obit 9 May 2007.htm

Julian Cleon Josey Jr. Obit 10 May 2021.htm

Junious R Jr Obit 23 Sep 2005.htm

Jurusa Josey W.O. Elijah Asbury Obit 7 Aug 1884.htm

Kailee Tyesha Josey obit 19 Jan 2013.htm

Karen Josey Hall Obit 26 Nov 2004.htm

Karen Josey Obit 16 Aug 2012.htm

Karen Lynn Jossey Obit 5 Jun 2007.htm

Katherine Josey Carr Mullins Obit 28 Mar 2008.htm

Katherine Marie Josey Bost Obit 14 Mar 1995.htm

Kathleen Audrey Parker Josey Obit, 13 Feb 2008.htm

Kathleen Edith Josey 25 Feb 2006 Obit.htm

Kathleen Josey Brunson Scott Obit 21 Mar 2012.htm

Kathleen Lucille Josey Rymer Obit 25 Dec 2001.htm

Kathleen Wiley Josey Obit 2 Jan 1953.htm

Kathryn Gilliam Josey Obit 12 Oct 1998.htm

Kathryn Guarisco Josey Obit 11 Dec 2022.htm

Kathleen Wiley Josey, wife of William Carroll Josey Obit 2 Jan 1953.gif

Keith E Josey Obit 11 Mar 2009.htm

Kelley Lynn Josey Bradley Obit 29 Apr 2023.htm

Kenneth Grady Josey Obit 17 Apr 1999.htm

Kenneth Lloyd Josey Obit 28 Sep 2020.htm

Kenneth Ray Josey Obit 9 Jan 2020.htm

Keven Michael Josey Obit 16 Mar 2008.htm

Kimberly Dawn Josey Obit 18 Apr 2005.htm

Knight, George Michael Obit, 12 Jun 2019.htm

Larry Donnell Josey Obit 5 Sep 2012.htm

Laura Josey McDade Obit 13 Sep 1989.htm

Laurie Ann Jossey Obit 20 Dec 2012.htm

Lavon Josey Obit 23 Jun 2021.htm

Lawanda Josey Smith Obit 3 Apr 2013.htm

Lawrence Wilson Josey Obit 28 Dec 1999.htm

Lawson Leo Josey Obit 12 Nov 1995.htm

LeAnn Ellen Campbell Josey Pesek Obit 26 Sep 2011.htm

Lee Isla Evans Josey Obit 22 May 2017.htm

Lee Roy Josey Obit 26 May 1973.htm

Leila Amador Josey Obit, 27 Jan 2024.htm

Lela Mae Josey Clark Obit 29 Nov 2009.htm

Lena Antha Josey Martin Obit 25 Jan 2002.htm

Lena Marie Josey Eisenhower Fowler Obit 3 Apr 2000.htm

Lennard Franklin Josey III Obit 19 Jan 2006.htm

Lennard Franklin Josey Jr Obit, 7 Apr 2008.htm

Lenoir Cox Josey Obit 16 Nov 2002.htm

Lenora A Hallmark Josey Obit 14 Nov 2011.htm

Lenora Fay Josey Obit 8 Jan 1994.htm

Lenora Hinton Josey Obit 19 Dec 2013.htm

Leo Josey Sr Rev Obit 5 Jun 2010.htm

Leonard Theo Jr Hale Obit 20 Sep 2020.htm

Leroy Bedford Lyons Jr Obit 5 Jan 2019.htm

Leslie Chason Josey Obit 22 Jan 2017.htm

Lessie Doris Josey Obit 1 Feb 2010.htm

Lettie Josey Obit 25 Apr 1888.htm

Lewis Elvyn Josey Jr Obit 4 Nov 2017.htm

Lewis Elvyn Josey Sr Obit 11 Sep 2011.htm

Lillian Josey Holley Obit 15 Jan 2009.htm

Lillian Joyce Hayes Josey Obit 28 Sep 2016.htm

Lina Sue Collier Josey Obit 26 Jan 2020_files\Lina Sue Collier Josey.htm

Lillian M Josey Spicer Obit 4 Apr 2011.htm

Lillian Robertson Josey Obit 30 Jun 2007.htm

Lilly Pearl Josey Bolling Obit 7 Aug 2000.htm

Linda Sue Josey Obit 10 Nov 2017.htm

Lina Sue Collier Josey Obit 26 Jan 2020.htm

Linda Diane Josey Saline Obit 24 Dec 2013.htm

Linda Elaine Josey Obit 15 Jun 2013.htm

Linda Faye Bodell Josey Obit 28 Dec 2016.htm

Linda Marie Josey Obit 20 Jan 2014.htm

Linda Nell Gainey Josey Obit 15 Oct 2019.htm

Linda Sue Josey Obit 10 Nov 2017.htm

Linda Sue Sams Josey Obit 4 Jun 2020.htm

Linnell Bruce Josey Obit 2 Apr 2011.htm

Lisa Dionne Ryans Jossey Obit 28 Jun 2006.htm

Lisa Marie Josey Sealey Obit 23 Aug 2009.htm

Lizzie Josey Obit 29 Jun 2011.htm

Lloyd George Josey Obit 26 Jan 2003.htm

Lois Ann Josey Obit, 29 May 2019.htm

Lois Irene Boyd Josey Obit 22 Jul 2022.htm

Lonnie Allen Josey Obit 2 Apr 1998.htm

Lonnie Little Josey Obit 6 Aug 2006.htm

Lonnie Lynn Josey Obit 21 Jun 1999.htm

Lonnie Ray Josey Obit 24 Jan 2010.htm

Lora Josey Rawls Obit 15 Jul 2011.htm

Lorena Marlene Josey Boutilier Obit 27 Oct 2021.htm

Lorene Holmes Josey Obit 9 Jan 2005.htm

Loretta Lynn Marie Josey Obit 5 Mar 2014.htm

Loretta Opal Josey Head Obit 25 Oct 2011.htm

Louie Ellis Josey Obit 12 Sep 2018.htm

Loveta Perrin Josey Obit, 16 Nov 2018.htm

Lucia Josey Caldwell Obit 9 Mar 2016.htm

Lucile Grimes Josey Obit 16 Jul 1997.htm

Lucille M Patient Josey Obit 14 Oct 2006.htm

Lucy Keck Josey Obit 28 Dec 1999.htm

Luedell C Josey Obit 27 Jan 2013.htm

Lurline Matthews Josey Obit 21 Sep 2005.htm

Lurline Odessa Merritt Josey Obit 9 Oct 2004.htm

Luther Fleming Josey Jr Obit 27 Feb 2006.htm

Lynn Etta Salter Jossey Obit 20 Jan 2024.htm

Lynn Phelps Josey Obit 23 Apr 2009.htm

Lyons, Leroy Bedford Jr. 5 Jan 2019.htm

Mabel Idell Menius Josey Obit 10 Aug 2012.htm

Mabel Josey Obit 12 Jul 2004.htm

Mable Ellen Taylor Josey DeAqngelo Obit 21 Jul 2010.htm

Maggie Cross Josey Obit 10 Jul 2006.htm

Maggie Josey Obit 10 Jul 2006.htm

Manning Josey Obit 25 Jan 2011.htm

Marcia Ann Josey Green Obit 2 Mar 2022.htm

Margaret Ann Overcash Josey Obit 9 Sep 2015.htm

Margaret Kerley Josey Williams Obit 21 Mar 2013.htm

Margaret Kipling Josey Patterson Obit 22 Jun 2022.htm

Margart B Everwine Obit 10 Dec 2005.htm

Marguerite Lawder Josey Obit 21 Dec 2006.htm

Maria Kitchin Walston Obit 4 Jun 2011.htm

Marian Finklea LeGette Josey Obit 29 Mar 2013.htm

Marian Gladys Josey Taylor Obit 18 Jan 2007.htm

Marie Beckworth Josey Obit 24 Feb 1996.htm

Marie E Josey Obit, 28 Aug 2010.htm

Marie Estell Hardin Josey Obit 7 Dec 2004.htm

Marie H Munga Josey 6 Dec 2004 Obit.htm

Marie Miller Josey Obit 18 Mar 2008.htm

Marilyn Williams Carpenter Obi 18 Apr 2022.htm

Marjorie Lynn Adkisson Josey Obit 3 Jun 2005.htm

Mark Anthony Josey Obit 15 Sep 2016.htm

Marshall Foch Josey Obit 6 May 2009.htm

Martha Elizabeth Josey Windham Obit 17 Jun 2014.htm

Martha Hamilton Josey Obit 2 May 2008.htm

Martha Jane Keller Josey Obit 12 Jan 1995.htm

Martha Josey Obit 13 Jul 2008.htm

Martha Jossey Montgomery Obit 26 Nov 2019.htm

Martha Lou Josey Woodard Obit 22 Apr 2016.htm

Martha Pearl Josey Larson 5 Dec 2002.htm

Martin Luther Josey Obit 6 Dec 1997.htm

Mary Allen Jackson Josey Obit, 27 Aug 2009.htm

Mary Ann Green Josey Obit 17 Aug 2005.htm

Mary Ann Land Josey Obit 12 Jul 2003.htm

Mary Beth Collier Josey Obit 22 Dec 2020.htm

Mary Carolyn Britt Josey Obit 13 Feb 2008.htm

Mary Elece Josey Obit 24 Apt 2014.htm

Mary Elizabeth Johns Josey Obit 28 May 2015.htm

Mary Elizabeth Josey Munn Obit 15 Sep 2012.htm

Mary Elizabeth Josey Scharr Obit 5 Apr 1990.htm

Mary Emily Josey Mabry Obit 12 May 2018.htm

Mary Francis Josey Evans Obit 4 Sep 2003.htm

Mary Helen Josey Wiles Obit 25 Jul 2020.htm

Mary Helen Josey Wiles Obit 25 Jul 2020.htm

Mary Inez Cambell Stone Obit 14 Apr 2000.htm

Mary Jane Jossey Obit 27 Jun 2022.htm

Mary Josey Gilbert Gardner Obit 15 Jun 2021.htm

Mary Lee Rosco Josey Obit 26 Feb 2011.htm

Mary Lou Belflower Josey Obit 28 Jun 2014.htm

Mary Josey Obit 24 Dec 2006.htm

Mary Josey Wiles Obit 25 Jul 2020.htm

Mary Joyce Curry Josey Obit 21 May 2022.htm

Mary Lee Hicks Josey Obit 19 Oct 2007.htm

Mary Lou Kestler Josey Obit 11 Sep 2009.htm

Mary Louise Josey Whitehurst Obit 11 Oct 2012.htm

Mary Nell Josey, Thompson Obit 10 Feb 2017.htm

Mary Ozella Josey Eden Obit 23 Oct 2006.htm

Mary Ruth Day Josey Obit 28 Sep 2011.htm

Mary Zulene Josey Moats Obit 19 May 2016.htm

Marytanzie Jones Josey Obit 7 Feb 2003.htm

Matthew Daniel Josey Obit 11 May 2009.htm

Mattie Josey Brown Obit 27 Mar 1989.htm

Maude Estell Josey Scott Obit 10 Oct 1995.htm

Mavis Ruth Josey Bailey Obit 4 Mar 1995.htm

Mendal Smith Josey Obit 5 Oct 2011.htm

Merle Worley Josey Obit, 22 Feb 2012.htm

Micha Shawn Josey Obit 15 Feb 2021.htm

Michelle Hardesty Josey Obit 28 Jan 2024.htm

Mildred Curry Josey Obit 16 Feb 2021.htm

Mildred Josey Foxworth Obit 23 Feb 2005.htm

Miller Jeannette Lynch Josey Obit 7 Mar 2008.htm

Milton Foch Josey Obit 22 Oct 2001.htm

Minnie Grace Josey Fulton Obit 6 Jan 2021.htm

Minnie Lee Blocker Josey Obit 5 Dec 1998.htm

Minnie Marie Josey Jackson Obit 7 Jan 2011.htm

Miriam Josey Obit 19 Apr 2011.htm

Myola Josey Powell Obit 29 Jan 2008.htm

Myron Dwayne Josey Obit, 5 May 2019.htm

Nadine Josey Obit 24 Jan 2013.htm

Nancy Austin Josey Obit 29 Sep 2012.htm

Nancy Caroline Josey, Bridges, 31 Mar 2022.htm

Nancy Drum Josey Pbit 7 May 2018.htm

Nancy Joyce Josey Obit 31 Dec 2010.htm

Nancy Lucille Denton Josey Obit 11 Apr 2020.htm

Nannie Rachel Tanner Josey Obit 11 May 2022.htm

Naomi Josey Obit 16 Dec 2011.htm

Naomi Ruth Smith Josey Obit 5 Aug 2010.htm

Nathaniel Josey Obit 26 Jan 2011.htm

Nell Iverson Josey Obit 2 Oct 2000.htm

Nellie Faye Josey Salter Obit 17 Apr 2009.htm

Nellie Mae Westmoreland Josey Obit 19 Mar 1986.htm

Nessie Josey Goodman Obit 4 Jan 2006.htm

Neta Marzie Josey Brodie Obit 18 Jul 1996.htm

Nettie N Brooks Josey Kates obit, Pasco Co, FL.htm

Nina June Kirkwood Josey Obit 22 Dec 2010.htm

Nina Rickman Josey Obit 6 Aug 2008.htm

Nora Lee Dixon Josey Obit 21 Mar 2013.htm

Nora Maurine Higgs Josey Obit 4 Aug 2008.htm

Norma Jean Josey Wilhelmi Obit 4 Jan 2016.htm

Norman Earl Josey Obit 24 Jul 2007.htm

Norman William Burgess II Obit, 22 Jul 2021.htm

O C Josey Obit 24 Jul 2010.htm

Odessa Josey McCart Obit 1 Sep 2011.htm

Odis Virgil Josey Obit 21 Jul 2001.htm

Okella Belle Josey Smith Obit 27 Jan 2003.htm

Ola Mae Josey Freeze 20 Feb 2001.htm

Olivia Falks Josey Obit 10 Feb 2022.htm

Ollie Josey Obit 13 Mar 2009.htm

Ollie May Josey Houston Obit 9 Sep 2002.htm

Ollie Wyatt Bridges Josey Obit 8 Nov 2008.htm

Ollis Everett Josey Obit 5 Dec 1997.htm

Omie Lee Josey Obit 18 Jul 2017.htm

Opal Christine Josey Holifield Obit 1 Jun 2010.htm

Ora Belle Beauchamp Josey Obit 19 Jun 2005.htm

Ouida May Josey Freeland Obit 14 Jun 2004.htm

Pansy Louise Josey Miller Obit 25 Apr 2016.htm

Parker Quinn Josey Obituary 29 May 1963.htm

Patricia Ann Josey Kesler Benfield Obit 20 Jul 2010.htm

Patricia Ann Josey Whatley Obit 20 Oct 2004.htm

Patricia Ann Phillips Josey Obit 23 Jul 2010.htm

Patricia Ann Townley Josey Obit 18 Jan 2021.htm

Patricia Brooks Tapley Josey Obit 12 Sep 2004.htm

Patricia Jean Josey Obit 31 Jan 2016.htm

Patricia Josey Whatley Obit 20 Oct 2004.htm

Patricia Ruth Allen Josey Obit 6 Sep 2006.htm

Patricia Sue Josey Justus Obit 23 Jul 2008.htm

Patricia Sue Josey Lytton Obit 7 Jun 2016.htm

Patrick Josey Obit 10 Dec 2020.htm

Patrick Josey Obit, 6 Jan 2021.htm

Paul Calvin Josey Jr Obit 20 Nov 2017.htm

Paul Calvin Josey Sr Obit 30 Mar 2009.htm

Paul Ernest Josey Obit 13 Jan 2012.htm

Paul Hamilton Jossey Obit 28 Apr 2019.htm

Paul Josey Obit 7 Feb 2009.htm

Paul L Josey Obit 11 Feb 2012.htm

Paul Wayne Josey Obit 3 Jan 1994.htm

Paula Josey Scearce Obit 4 Apr 2010.htm

Pauline Ann Josey Obit 17 Mar 2011.htm

Pauline Elizabeth Josey Gryder Obit 16 Mar 2003.htm

Pearl Pearson Josey Obit 18 Feb 2011.htm

Peggy Beaman Josey Obit 28 Mar 2006.htm

Peggy Josey Thigpen Obit 23 Dec 2021.htm

Peggy Jossey Lee Obit 19 May 2010.htm

Peggy Sarah Josey Traywick Obit 24 Dec 2016.htm

Philip Bradley Josey Obit 28 Jan 2019.htm

Phyllis Cairone Josey Obit 2 Apr 2022.htm

Pinkie Lee Caldwell Josey Obit 29 Oct 2007.htm

Preston Josey Obit 10 Oct 2004.htm

Ralph Frank Josey Obit 10 May 2009.htm

Ralph Josey Obit 23 Feb 1996.htm

Ralph Marvin Josey Obit 25 Jan 2007.htm

Philip Ralph Josey Obit 19 Mar 2023.htm

Randy Clayton Josey obit 31 Jan 2018.htm

Randy Fleeman Obit 6 Aug 2020.htm

Ray Edward Josey Jr Obit 25 Jul 2021.htm

Raymond Ellis Josey Obit 24 Feb 2022.htm

Raymond Evander Josey Obit 14 Jan 1998.htm

Raymond L Josey Obit 15 Dec 2020.htm

Reaby Mae Josey McCutchen Obit 26 Mar 2017.htm

Reba Faye Skeen Josey Obit 5 Nov 2020.htm

Reba Windham Josey Obit 2 Jul 1993.htm

Rebecca Ann Ellington Josey Obit 13 Oct 2006.htm

Rebecca Ann Josey Obit, 8 Jul 2009.htm

Rebecca Burke Josey Obit 23 Jul 2020.htm

Rebecca Jean Wright Josey Obit 23 Sep 2018.htm

Rhett Dean Josey Obit 29 Aug 2020.htm

Richard Bedon Josey Obit 29 Jun 1967.htm

Richard Clifford Josey Jr Obit 2 Jun 2022.htm

Richard Henderson Josey Obit, 6 Nov 2013.htm

Ricky Howard Josey Obit, 7 Jun 2009.htm

Robert Addison Josey Obit 3 Jan 2005.htm

Robert Anthony Josey Obit 31 Jan 1954.gif

Robert Arthur Josey Obit 2 Feb 2016.htm

Robert Elijah Josey Jr, Obit 4 Jul 2018.htm

Robert John Phelan Obi 11 Aug 2022.htm

Robert Josey Obit 10 Apr 2007.htm

Robert Wallace Josey Obit 14 Nov 2006.htm

Roberta Simmons Josey Obit 31 Jan2019.htm

Robie Maxwell Josey Obit 6 Oct 2023.htm

Roderick Josey Obit 16 Jun 2023.htm

Rodney Grant Josey Obit May 18 2022.htm

Roger Jim Josey Obit 27 Sep 2016.htm

Ronald Arlie Josey Obit 12 Dec 2013.htm

Roland Daniel Josey Obit 20 May 2014.htm

Ronald Victor Josey Obit 2 Dec 2003.htm

Ronald Wayne Josey Obit 10 Aug 2022.htm

Ronnie Josey Obit 16 Aug 2005.htm

Ronnie Wendell Josey Obit 7 Jul 2022.htm

Rosa Josey Obit 16 Aug 2007.htm

Rosa Lee Murrell Josey, 17 Jul 2016.htm

Rose Marie Josey Dykes Obit 6 Aug 2017.htm

Rose Marie Josey Rising Obit 30 Jul 1998.htm

Roxie Ray Josey Obit 28 Apr 1993.htm

Roy L Josey Obit 20 Sep 2011.htm

Royce Ellis Josey Obit 14 April 2022.htm

Rozelle Bozeman Lawson Josey Obit 4 May 2024.htm

Rubie Dell Josey Obit 13 Oct 2011.htm

Ruby Alberta Fox Josey Obit 21 Dec 1918.htm

Ruby Alma Josey Scott Obit 13 Jan 2000.htm

Ruby Josey Lavizzo Obit 2 Jul 1999.htm

Ruby L Josey Brocious Obit 28 Oct 2016.htm

Ruby May Turner Josey Obit 2 Sep 2012.htm

Ruby Rhodena Josey Obit 28 Dec 2020.htm

Ruby Turner Josey Obit 2 Sep 2012.htm

Ruby Varner Josey Obit 17 Sep 1996.htm

Ruby Willene Smith Josey Obit 4 Dec 2016.htm

Rubynette Breeden Josey Obit 15 Feb 2006.htm

Rufus Mobley Josey Obit 15 Sep 1996.htm

Ruth Courtney Josey Bell Obit 2 Sep 2014.htm

Ruth Irene Chumley Josey Bristow Obit 16 Apr 2004.htm

Ruth Myrtle Josey Eddleman Obit 7 Mar 1990.htm

Ruth White Josey Obit 27 Jul 2017.htm

Sallie Todd Josey Obit 28 Jun 2010.htm

Sally Ann Craig Josey Obit 9 Mar 1993.htm

Sally Johnson Josey Obit 11 Dec 2012.htm

Sally Mae Josey, 4 Feb 2011.htm

Sally Mar Rary Josey Obit 23 Dec 1993.htm

Sallye Josey Crawford Obit 5 Mar 2014.htm

Samuel Bascum Josey Obit 30 Nov 1998.htm

Samuel Josey Obit 29 Dec 2005.htm

Sandra Jean Josey Thomas Obit 23 Jul 2010.htm

Sandra Lee Josey Benson Obit 17 Jan 2019.htm

Saphonia L Josey Obit 14 Mar 2005.htm

Sara Colleen Mosley Josey Obit 27 Apr 2019.htm

Sarah Beulah Hayes Josey Obit 25 Apr 2002.htm

Sarah Elizabeth Josey Neely Obit 4 Nov 2016.htm

Sarah Lou Josey Hicks Obit 29 Dec 2020.htm

Sarah Mae Josey Obit 11 Jun 2008.htm

Sarena H Josey Obit 20 May 1893.htm

Seth Benjamin Josey Obit 28 Dec 2006.htm

Sheila Rae Kennedy Josey Obit 19 Dec 2016.htm

Shelby Cranford Josey Obit 21 Mar 2013.htm

Shelia Fesperman Josey Obit 12 Nov 2003.htm

Shirley Ann Gaskins Josey Obit 14 Jun 2001.htm

Shirley Ann Josey Williams Obit 24 Dec 2022.htm

Shirley Ann Sharpe Josey Obit 19 May 2020.htm

Shirley Ann Witte Josey Obit 8 Dec 2020.htm

Shirley Duane Josey Mann Emerson Obit 13 Nov 2022.htm

Shirley Josey Head Obit 30 May 2012.htm

Sophia Reid Josey Obit 8 Sep 2011.htm

Stella Josey Obit 17 Dec 2004.htm

Stephen Ralph Josey Obit 13 Jan 2023.htm

Stephen William Josey Obit 21 May 2014.htm

Stephen Zelmer Josey Obit 30 Jul 2000.htm

Steven Lee Josey Obit 13 Jul 2004.htm

Steven Michael Josey Jr Obit 9 Oct 2020.htm

Susan Fowler Josey Obit 25 Apr 2021.htm

Susie Margaret Josey Gardner Obit 25 Mar 2001.htm

Susie Margaret Josey Howard Obit 10 May 2020.htm

Sybil Burns Josey Obit 9 Nov 2004.htm

Tammy Lorraine Josey Marshall Obit 14 Dec 2007.htm

Teresa Ann Ballard Josey Obit 18 Oct 2016.htm

Terry Lynn Josey Obit 5 Sep 2020.htm

Thelma Deloris Josey Beaumont Obit 9 Feb 2014.htm

Thelma Josey McDow Obit 20 Jan 2011.htm

Thelma Lou Bailey Josey Obit 8 Oct 2019.htm

TheoDocia Josey Eberhardy Obit 29 Dec 1999.htm

Theodore Howard Josey Obit 30 May 2024.htm

Theresa Campbell Russell Obit 19 Jan 1024.htm

Theresa Laverne Walsh Josey Obit 6 Jun 2022.htm

Thomas Cecil Josey Obit 2 Dec 2023.htm

Thomas Denise Josey Obit 10 Apr 2009.htm

Thomas Dwight Josey Obit 18 May 2011.htm

Thomas Hillary Josey Obit 21 Jul 2005.htm

Thomas Spencer Josey Obit 26 Jan 2005.htm

Timothy James Josey Obit, 24 Mar 2018.htm

Tommie L Josey Odit 31 Jan 2017.htm

Tommy Bennett Josey Obit 5 Mar 2021.htm

Tommy Lynn Josey Obit 11 Apr 2019.htm

Tracy Yvonne Mabe Josey Obit 12 Aug 2023.htm

Troy Monroe Josey Sr Obit 7 May 2006.htm

Trudy Iona Josey Cobb Obit 28 Oct 2007.htm

Urie Josey Obit 29 Oct 2010.htm

Valerie Norma Elizabeth Josey Obit 31 Aug 2013.htm

Vandalyn White Josey Obit,14 Feb 2022.htm

Vannie Marie Josey Carroll Obit 6 Jul 2000.htm

Vera Buffalo Josey Obit 2 Jun 2006.htm

Vera Jane Hardy Josey Obit 19 Feb 2012.htm

Verlon Eugene Josey Obit, 15 Aug 2011.htm

Verna Mae Bryan Josey Obit 16 Nov 1997.htm

Velda Mae Josey Letherwood Burns Obit 7 Jul 1978.htm

Vernon Ernest Jossy Obit 30 Oct 2015.htm

Versie Ann Josey Obit 15 Apr 2008.htm

Vicki Darlene Puckett Josey Obit 31 May 2018.htm

Vickie Josey Hawes Obit, 13 Jan 2012.htm

Vicki Puckett Josey 31 May 2018.htm

Victoria Cassandra Josey Friend Obit 13 Jul 2013.htm

Viola Josey Waugh Obit 27 Jan 2004.htm

Virginia Ann Saunders Salter Obit 13 Feb 2015.htm

Virginia Josey Bush Obit 7 Dec 2019.htm

Virginia Josey McIntosh Obit 5 Jul 2010.htm

Virginia Jossey Hancock Obit 14 Nov 2005.htm

Virginia Lee Carlson Josey Obit May 30 2929.htm

Virginia Lois Josey Meador Obit 18 Jan 2017.htm

Virginia MIxon Josey Obit 7 Dec 2013.htm

Vivian Eileen Morris Josey Gross Obit 16 Jan 2016.htm

Wallace Harry Josey Obit 12 Jan 2022.htm

Walter Josey Obit 1 Oct 2000.htm

Walter Josey Obit 16 Jul 2013.htm

Walter Raford Josey Obit 10 Apr 2005.htm

Warren Cromwell Josey Obit 1 May 2010.htm

Wave Marie Josey Parks Obit 26 Jun 2011.htm

Wayne Chester Josey Obit 24 Sep 2009.htm

Weldon Josey Obit 24 Dec 2016.htm

Wendy Kay Josey Wilson Obit 5 Aug 2013.htm

Wesley Irvin Josey Obit 28 Feb 2011.htm

Wesley Josey Obit, 28 Feb 2011.htm

Wilbur Gene Josey Obit 1 Sep 2010.htm

Willene Jean Hinson Josey Obit 23 May 2024.htm

William Albert Josey Obit 18 Dec 2021.htm

William Bennett Josey Jr Obit 4 Mar 2014.htm

William Bennett Josey Obit 11 Mar 2014.htm

William C Josey Obit 22 Apr 2009.htm

William Carey Josey Jr Obit 24 Mar 1986.htm

William Carroll Josey Obit 22 Jan 1947.gif

William Cecil Josey Obit 26 Sep 2008.htm

William Charles Berry Josey Obit 25 Nov 1932.htm

William D Beckworth Obit 6 Mar 2012.htm

William Daniel Josey Obit 26 Mar 2018.htm

William Ellis Josey 3rd Obit 29 Nov 2020.htm

William Ellis Josey Obit, 3 Mar 2018.htm

William Ernest Josey 25 Sep 1976.htm

William Gordon Josey Jr Obit 22 Feb 2015.htm

William Gordon Josey Sr Obit 25 Mar 2020.htm

William Jackson Josey Obit 16 Aug 2007.htm

William Joel Goodwin Obit 22 Apr 2012.htm

William Marion Josey Obit 3 Jan 1995.htm

William Peau Josey Obit 25 Jun 2004.htm

William Willard Josey Obit 16 Jan 2013.htm

William Woodrow Josey Obit 7 Jul 2000.htm

Willie Big Jay Josey Obit 31 Mar 2012.htm

Willie Clyde Josey Obit 7 Jul 2015.htm

Willie Edward Josey Obit 31 May 2019.htm

Willie Eugene Josey Obit 15 Dec 2017.htm

Willie Josey Jr Obit 13 Dec 2008.htm

Willie L Josey Obit 9 Jul 2006.htm

Willis Euvee Josey Obit 23 Mar 2021.htm

Wilmer Louie Josey Obit 26 Feb 2015.htm

Wilson Josey Obit 16 Mar 2013.htm

Windell Josey 14 Feb 2005 Obit.htm

Windom Ertel Josey Obit 1 Dec 2008.htm

Windom Harrison Josey Obit 1 Nov 2022.htm

Winifred Josey McIlvried Obit 19 Jan 2011.htm

Winnie Dean Brown Josey Obit 24 May 2007 .htm

Woodro Josey Obit 21 Nov 2020.htm

Zelma Ruth Josey Hampton Obit 6 Jan 2000.htm

Zena McKenzie Josey Obits 3 May 2010.htm