This page will be dedicated to those JOSSEY-JOSEY family members that we have lost.  They shall always be in our hearts.  Just click on any of the names below and it will take you to their special page.  Please notify us of any of your JOSSEY-JOSEY family members that you have lost.  Also, if you will send us a picture of the person, their headstone, or an obituary, we will post it on this special web site.  Send info to:
 Jacqueline Josey Helfrich at:

TheoDocia JOSEY Eberhardy - December 01, 1919 to December 29, 1999

Ollie May JOSEY Houston - April  20, 1904 to September 9, 2001

James R. (Jim) JOSEY - June 28, 1932 to January 28, 2000

Lloyd George JOSEY - September 26 1924, to January 26, 2003

Martha JOSEY Larsen - December 26, 1937 to December 5, 2002

Louise JOSEY Smith - February 27, 1918 to April 13, 2002