Jacqueline (Jackie) Josey Helfrich

The House of Jossey-Josey presented Jackie with a bowl engraved with "Jackie Josey Helfrich,      Secretary/Treasurer 1997-2001, Welcoming us to The House of Jossey-Josey" for all of her hard work, not only in doing our newsletters, but serving as our Good Will Ambassador in getting family members involved in our reunions. The group followed the presentation with a standing ovation for her and her husband, Chuck.

Our traditional Saturday night meeting was a lot of fun and a big success - there must have been 200 in attendance, because the big hall of the country club was packed. The food was good, the camaraderie was great, as always, and the location was lovely. Thank you to all of our volunteers for a great job. I encourage you to consider volunteering for a job at the next reunion, especially if you don't know a lot of the Joseys. Give our new president, Ray Josey, a call (229/247-4887 or 404/463-8168), welcome him as president, and let him know now that you want to be a volunteer at the next reunion. We'll find a job that's comfortable for you, and give you an opportunity to meet lots of your relatives and friends.

Perhaps the best part of any reunion is the opportunity to hang out with relatives you have not seen in 2 years and just talk.  We are all so busy nowadays, the era of "front porch sitting" with the relatives often seems only a fond memory.  The national reunion is a great opportunity to stay in practice.  Recently, a friend of mine commented on how many Josey Reunions my family has.  He asked "Why don't you put them all together in one big reunion?"  Well, that's exactly what we try to do every two years.  This reunion saw a lot of families of brothers and sisters, parents and children, getting together.  Why not bring your reunion to our big reunion in 2003, and share the fun!

I have decided to stay on the Board for another term.  As Bud announced at the Reunion, he is looking for a home for all of the genealogical data he and Marion have been assembling for over a decade.  Rather than just donate it to a library, we are trying to put together a very special place for it, a place where Joseys from all over the country can research their Josey line, maybe even a place where Josey memorabilia and keepsakes could be housed.  It would involve some fundraising by the House of Jossey-Josey to make it happen, but I know we can do it and I am excited about working on that project!  Let me know if you would like to help too.   
Diane Josey 404-261-2995  

 We hope you enjoy the pictures of the Homecoming on the next two pages. 
Keeping our great country in mind at this time in our history, may I extend a

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year - and Peace on Earth to All!


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