DALLAS, Texas –– Edwin G. Josey, 90, passed away on Sunday, November 2, 2008 in Dallas, Texas.
He was born in
Tucson, Ariz. on July 13, 1918, to Robert and Lillian Josey.
Edwin was raised in
Starkville with two brothers, James and Wayne, and a sister, Mary Alice.
At the advent of World War II, Edwin joined the Army Air Corp, beginning a twenty year career as a pilot, which took him and his family to various assignments, both domestic and foreign.
During the war, he flew the Hump; a supply route over the
Himalayas to support the Chaing Chi Chiak regime. He also flew the Berlin Airlift supplying the people of West Berlin, who were blockaded by the Russians after the end of the war.
Ed was married to Georgia Ray O’Hara, of
West Point, where they retired at the end of his military service in 1962. He is survived by two sons, James R. Josey of Corpus Christi, Texas and Thomas D. Josey of Highland Village, Texas, and grandson, Robert E Josey, of Gainesville, Fla.