Curtis Allen Josey Gender: Male Race: White Hispanic Origin: Non-Hispanic Marital Status: Divorced Social Security Number: 244082262 Father's Last Name: Josey Age: 43 Years Date of Birth: 28 Sep 1957 Birth County: Iredell Residence City: Other Residence County: Iredell Residence State: North Carolina Residence Zip Code: 28677 Education: 12th grade Date of Death: 21 May 2001 Death City: Other Death County: Iredell Death State: North Carolina Work Injury: Injury did not occur at work Autopsy: Autopsy Performed Autopsy Findings: Autopsy findings were not considered in determining cause of death Institution: Residence Attendant: Medical Examiner Burial Location: Burial in-state Recorded Date: 24 May 2001 Source Vendor: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics