Atha Josey Jones

[Atha Josey Josey] Gender: Female Race: White Hispanic Origin: Non-Hispanic Marital Status: Widowed Social Security Number: 245204396 Father's Last Name: Josey Age: 79 Years Date of Birth: 8 Nov 1918 Birth County: New Hanover Residence City: Other Residence County: New Hanover Residence State: North Carolina Residence Zip Code: 28403 Education: 5 or more years of college Occupation: Teachers, elementary school Industry: Elementary and secondary schools Date of Death: 17 Jan 1998 Death City: Wilmington Death County: New Hanover Death State: North Carolina Cause of Death: Cardiac dysrhythmias: Cardiac dysrhythmia, unspecified Other Cause of Death: Other ill-defined and unknown causes of morbidity and mortality: Respiratory arrest Autopsy: Autopsy Not Performed Autopsy Findings: Autopsy findings were not considered in determining cause of death Institution: Nursing Home Attendant: Physician Burial Location: Cremation in-state Recorded Date: 23 Jan 1998 Source Vendor: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics