Our wishes to all for a Happy
Holiday Season 
Ray and Janeen Josey



The role of a leader for any organization includes identifying the direction the organization wants or needs to go and provides the leadership and support to help get the organization there. As I have talked to many of the members of the House of Jossey-Josey, I have identified some common themes that are emerging. These themes include: Increased active membership; Increased communication; Development of a common project/purpose/focus; and Coordination of 2003 reunion.

Increased active membership:
    Recruit new members who have an interest in the organization
    Ask for volunteers who are interested in leading or working on various projects
    Establish active committees -- i.e.: Membership Development, Newsletter,
        Web Page Development, and Reunion Planning.

Increased communication:
     Continue newsletter bi-annually to be distributed to dues paying members
     Development of a web page
     Plan Board meeting for next Spring

Development of common project/purpose/focus:
    Establish Genealogy site for House of Jossey-Josey History

Coordinate 2003 reunion:
    Determine site for next reunion April 2003


The House of Jossey-Josey Board needs your help! We are trying to get more people involved in the operation of the organization, and we need volunteers to work on committees or other activities. Please let us know if you are interested in helping with the following activities:

Web Page Development ________

Genealogy Library Project ______

Newsletter-Related Work _______

Reunion Planning _________

Membership Development _______

Other __________________

Please check the area in which you are interested. Mail this form with your name, address, telephone number, and email address to:

C. Ray Josey - 1202 Lake Drive - Valdosta, GA 31602

Or respond by calling Ray at 229-247-4887.  We are also very interested in hearing from family members who might be interested in hosting the next Reunion in your area. We have found that family members like to visit places that include historical home sites, cemeteries, churches, businesses, etc. So, let us hear from you and give us an opportunity to visit and learn about your Josey area heritage.


Telephone ___________________

/P.O. Box, City, State Zip