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NOTE: Marion and I have made the decision to share with you the research on the Marriages, Births & Deaths we have collected on the Josey & related families. We would like to thank all the Registers of Deeds, Clerks of the Courts of the Counties that have allowed us to photograph the Marriage, Birth & Death indexes. Neither Marion & I or the Register of Deeds or the Clerks of the Courts are responsible for the index accuracy. You should order a certified copy to verify the dates of Marriages, Births & Deaths.



Halifax Births, Delayed

Halifax Births, A-Z, 1913-1922

Halifax Births, A-K, 1923-1936

Halifax Births, L-Z, 1923-1936

Halifax Births, A-K, 1937-1949

Halifax Births, L-Z, 1937-1949

Halifax Births, A-K, 1950-1965

Halifax Births, A-Z, 1966-1978

Halifax Births, A-Z, 1979-1991

Halifax Births, A-Z, 1992-1999

Halifax Deaths, A-Z, 1913-1932

Halifax Deaths, A-Z, 1932-1960

Halifax Deaths, A-Z, 1961-1977

Halifax Deaths, A-Z, 1978-1988

Halifax Deaths, A-Z, 1989-1999

Halifax Co North Carolina Marriage Index, 1867-1905, Sorted by Female.htm

Halifax Co North Carolina Marriage Index, 1867-1905, sorted by Male.htm

Halifax Co, NC, Marriages 1700 -

Halifax Co, NC, Marriages 1817 - 1851

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Bonds

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Index, 1851-1868

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Index, 1867-1872

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Index, 1867-1905

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Index, 1906-1930

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Index, 1931-1962

Halifax Co, NC Marriage Index, 1963-1979

Halifax Marriage Book 2-4, 1872-1894

Halifax Marriage Book 5, 1895-1903

Halifax Marriage Book 6A, 1903-1909

Halifax Marriage Book 6, 1909-1912

Halifax Marriage Book 7, 1912-1916

Halifax Marriage Book 8, 1916-1917

Halifax Marriage Book 9, 1918-1923

Halifax Marriage Book 10, 1923-1931

Halifax Marriage Book 11, 1931-1938

Halifax Marriage Book 12, 1939-1946

Halifax Marriage Book 14, 1954-1960

Halifax Marriage Book 15, 1960-1964

Halifax Marriage Book 16, 1965-1969

Halifax Marriage Book 17, 1969-1974

Halifax Marriage Book 18, 1975-1983

Halifax Marriage Book 19, 1984-1993

Halifax Marriage Book 20, 1994-2003

Halifax Marriage Book 21, 2004-2012