Hello to our entire House of Iossey-Iosey (HOJJ) Family:

We are making arrangements for our reunion in Macon Georgia beginning 21 - 22 April
2017. Board members, please arrive on 2
0 April 2017 for a meeting to discuss the minutes
_2015 and suggestions for the next reunion.

Our hostess, Neline Josey Farmer has done a great job getting everything together for this
reunion. She had to trave
l to Macon to find a place with the banquet area in the hotel and
the required space Bud Josey, o
ur Historian, will need for his computer set-up and area to
visit. We will not have to leave the hotel for anything unless we wish to! All activities will
be at the hotel

This is our one and only news letter this year and my hope is that you will respond in a
timel,y manner and help make
this reunion a huge success.


Note from Neline:

We are staying at the Holiday Inn Macon North, 3953 River Place Drive, Macon, Georgia. To
make reservations call 478-803-
8203 and mention HOJJ reunion for the discounted price of
$120.00. This price inclu
des all taxes and fees. Just in case you have not noticed but the
price of everything has gone up and it is tem
pting to say "I remember when it only cost ... J}
but we are trying to keep our expenses down so we can have good precipitation for this

The rooms include fridge; flat screen television; microwave; and coffee station. Breakfast is
not inc
luded but there is offered at the hotel an all-you-can-eat buffet for $8.99. We will
also have muffins, fruit, crackers and coffee in the area where Bud will be for those of us
who do not eat a big breakfast.

Friday and Saturday night meals will be in the banquet room of the hotel and both nights
ll be served buffet style. That is also where Bud will be set up. We will have lots of space
to visit!

The Friday night meal will be: grilled hamburgers and pulled pork served with buns;
cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion a
nd dill pickle spears; coleslaw; baked beans; potato chips;
cookies and brownies; ice tea a
nd water. The cost is $20.00.

The Saturday night meal will be: tossed salad with several choices of dressings; fried
chicken or roast beef and brow
n gravy; herb roasted potatoes; green beans; peach cobbler
with vanilla ice cream; bananas a
nd apples with ice tea, water and coffee. The cost is

I will need for you to let Priscilla Knight, Treasurer, at 228-327-3469, know what kind of
meat you wish no later tha
n 10 April 2017.

There are several points of interest in the Macon area. The Allman Brothers Band Museum,
Museum of Arts and Sciences, Hay House, Cannonball House and last but not least is the
Georgia Sports Hall of Fame!

Make your plans to attend the reunion and we are looking forward to a great time in Macon

Neline Farmer, Hostess

Note from Priscilla Knight, Treasurer:

I am sorry about getting this letter out to you so late. We are dealing with many parts of
this "ageing" business and i
f any of you are there yet, enough said!! Neline has made many
trips to Macon to find and then finalize t
he plans for the reunion. We will need to know no
later than 10 April 2017 what kind of me
at on each night you wish to have because the
catering manager has to p
lan accordingly. My phone number is 228-327-346':) and email is

As your treasurer, I am always pushing the dues of $30.00 per family for two years. This
helps with mailing and expenses for the reunion.

Last but not least, our auction!!! What fun we have had over the years with William being
our Auctioneer and last reunio
n Allen (Junior) Josey stepped right up and did a great job!
Whatever you wish to do
nate to be auctioned off, we will take! Home-made, store bought,
re-gifted, it does not matter!!!

So ... call/ email me with the information about what kind of meat you want for each night no
later than 10 April 2017. The goo
d Lord willing we will see you in Macon Georgia!


Priscilla Knight, Treasurer